Let's Work Together!

Private Coaching

• Missing your periods or struggling to get them regularly
• Struggling with acne, weight gain, or GI issues
• Dealing with monthly PMS, bloat, insomnia, hot flashes, etc. 
• Always hungry or having cravings no matter what or how much you eat
• Feeling tired and sluggish all the time
• Sick of the restrictive diets that seem like they’re the only solution 
• Someone with PCOS that was told by their doctor to “come back when you want to have kids” 
• Someone with PCOS that is looking for solutions outside of birth control and metformin
• Feeling unsupported by providers and overwhelmed with conflicting misinformation
• Wishing you could make peace with food and learn to actually nourish your body

If you are….

I see you. I hear you. I was you. You are not alone. 

What if I told you that you could…

• Get a regular period without birth control 
• Clear your skin and heal your metabolism
• Improve your blood sugar and insulin response  
• Have a regular, pain free period
• Find your happy weight 
• Cultivate a positive relationship with food and your body 
• Feel confident and amazing in your body
• Eliminate PCOS or hormone symptoms without medication or restrictive diets

... Because you can. 

Our private coaching packages include: 

• Initial 60 minute in depth visit + 30 minute follow up check-ins every 2 weeks via HIPAA compliant video chat
• At home functional lab testing 
• Discounted, medical grade, targeted supplements 
• Message support between appointments

My clients and I are always a team. We work together to uncover the root cause of your symptoms and solve them for good. You’ll gain the knowledge and the tools to manage your PCOS, heal your hormones, and feel freaking amazing. You can take back your health. You can take back your life. You in?


Functional Lab Testing Consults

This package is great for those who prefer to independently work on their health but need help accessing the information needed to be successful. This lab testing package will give you the starting points to tap into your hormones and optimize your health. This service does not require a discovery call!

This package includes: 
• 1 functional lab test
• 1 results review session 
• Dietary, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations based on test results
• Access to medical grade supplements


“For years I have struggled with managing my PCOS symptoms. I saw so many doctors and specialists but always ended up frustrated right at square one. It wasn’t until finding Shelagh that I was given realistic diet and lifestyle solutions that were actually unique to me and my body. Working with her completely changed my life and I have not felt this much relief, peace, and confidence in my health in a long time. She impacted my life in more ways than I set out to navigate and I’m forever grateful to her!”

- Heather B

“I had period issues for over a decade that doctors kept dismissing, telling me it was normal, and prescribing medication over medication. I stopped even trying to seek help because I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. Shelagh is a great listener and will spend time getting to know you and your issues to help in a way that is unique to you. I felt so supported and didn’t know it was possible to feel this good. I feel like I got my life back!”

- Megan M

“For the last 15 years I was taking lots of medications for my PCOS and I felt like nothing was working. My relationship with food and my body was awful. I was taking lots of medications for my PCOS and I felt like nothing was working, my body was my enemy. Shelagh helped me heal my relationship with food and understand how it can be used to manage my symptoms, feel better, and still be enjoyed.” 

- Jaclyn S. 

“Shelagh helped me resolve my PCOS symptoms that I had been dealing with for YEARS. I felt seen by a provider in ways that I hadn’t experienced before. She is so knowledgeable and makes you feel so comfortable and supported. I am so incredibly thankful to have found Shelagh and I will always be grateful for her!”

- Nicolette Z.